Intern Spotlight

Meet Tracey! Tracey is one of our interns here at WM&C. She is a junior at The Ohio State University studying Marketing. Her hobbies include travelling, spending time with friends and family, and anything involving animals- especially horses.

Here at WM&C, Tracey is gaining experience in the field as well as assisting in the office. While in the field, Tracey works to build relationships and establish new customers as well as working to renew current clients. Tracey also has been working to enhance our social media presence as well as recruit new employees for the company. She even took on the project of redesigning our website to better inform viewers of our company values and goals.

Tracey’s favorite aspect of WM&C is the people she works with. She loves how close everyone is and that they always have a great time while still being productive at work. The company has given her a lot of opportunities to utilize what she is learning at Ohio State which has been a great experience for her.



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